Student Research Results

As proposed in our Specialty Crops Grant, we really wanted this hops project to include a significant educational aspect for NWC students. Over the course of this semester we've had four students working on two different projects related to the variety trials. First, a group of three students conducted a feasibility study for a proposed 20 acre hopyard. The students were part of an Agriculture Business capstone class that was tasked with proposing a variety of business plans to local bankers. The student's gave their presentation on April 27th, and their final report is here:

20 Acre Hopyard Financial Evaluation for Northern Wyoming

2017 Financial Records - 2018 Financial Records - 2019 Financial Records

Next, in a related class, a student evaluated early bud growth of our Variety Trial #1. His objective was to compare early bud production of varieties in hopes of helping us understand if that is a successful prediction method for yield in a given year. He created a poster that was presented to the public on May 1st.

Evaluation of Early Bud Emergence in the NWC Variety Trial