2016 Yield Results

Below are the yield results from the 2016 growing season.

When comparing the 2016 data to 2015, we saw nearly double the average yield for our highest yielding variety. While Columbus was the highest performer this year, it was down at #4 last year! We've been expecting that any of our varieties starting with a "C" would be the best performers, and this year's data is showing that to be true. Galena and Nugget began to yield this year, after showing negligible yields in 2015. Northern Brewer, while experiencing a rise in popularity elsewhere (most rhizome providers were sold out), simply cannot overwinter in our area, and therefore is not recommended.

This coming season we want to focus on weed control and fertilization regime, and we'll be sharing those results here as we progress. Stay tuned for an announcement about our Hops Seminar coming up in April!