Hopster5P in Action

We've begun using the Hopster5P - starting with Cascade and Chinook from a home grower, then moving on to harvest around 25 pounds of Zeus from a local small-scale grower. If you're a Wyoming brewery and you are interested in a sample, please email micah.humphreys@nwc.edu for more information.

Here's our first run with the harvester:

First run with the Hopster5P. Hadn't gotten all the setting like we want (so there's more hops out the back than we'd like), but exciting anyway!

And here's some photos of the process:

The leaf and stem material are kicked out the back while the hops are dropped into the conveyor belt and out the side.

The bines are strong enough to withstand being pulled through the machine...but there's not much left.

Once the machine is calibrated, we could run about 2 bines per minute through. We can probably go faster than that, but for now we'd like more hops picked and are less concerned with speed.

That's a lot of hops!

Cascades dry and ready for packaging.