A Northwest Trip, Part Two

The second stop on the hops fact-finding trip in June 2015 was to Independence, OR, where Rogue Farms is based. Rogue Brewery has done a fantastic job of vertically integrating the brewing ingredients and process in what they call "farm to keg" brewing. Here's a link to their farm blog, where they have lots of information, including farm reports like this Autumn 2015 update. 

The hops fields on Rogue Farms have been in production for a long time and Rogue was able to step in to handling the production and processing so that the product was directly usable for their purposes. Along with a host of proprietary varieties, the farm experiments in pumpkins, marionberries, botanicals and...pigs. As we toured the fields and facilities (they have full hops processing capabilities on site), it was clear that they are passionate about owning the complete process and putting their distinct style on all of it. One example of this is the branding of the buildings - it's right in line with their original brewery branding! You'll find several pictures from the tour below, and directions to their farm here.