Design and Equipment

Our variety trials were modeled after the North Carolina State University's hops program.  The design looked like a great starting point for us - you can see the layout here. For our Site #1, we used close to the same layout. 

 NWC Site #1 plot plan

NWC Site #1 plot plan

In terms of equipment we used for the trellis, here's a list:

  • 16 foot long, 6 inch diameter poles buried 3 feet in the ground
  • 3/16 inch 7x19 galvanized cable for the top wire
  • T-posts as anchors
  • 10 inch turnbuckles to connect top wire to U-bolt
  • 3/16 inch wire rope clips to secure cable to itself
  • U-bolt to attach the turnbuckle to the T-post

Installation of the trellis system took two days with a bobcat, auger, and three guys.

For the irrigation system, here's our equipment, most of it ordered from

  • Irritec hose thread filter - Y-type
  • Senninger 20 PSI regulator
  • Homewerks vacuum breaker
  • EZ-Flo 2020-HB inline bib & drip fertilizer system - 2 gallons
  • 1/2 inch mainline tubing
  • 1/2 inch inline 1 GPH emitter tubing at 18 inch spacing
  • Various compression elbows and tees for the tubing
  • Figure 8 line ends to fold back the emitter line on itself

The irrigation system was run off of a regular hose bib under city water pressure and approximately 450 feet from the variety trial. Though that doesn't sound like it should work, it worked well throughout the season.

Here's the final product: